Friday, 7 July 2017

Agreement to sell - Specific performance


Agreement to sell - Specific performance - Absence of signature of purchaser on agreement - If document is executed by owner of property, purchaser is entitled to file suit for specific performance. (2017(2) Civil Court Cases 243 (Madras) 

Composite notice u/s 80 CPC and S.106 T.P.Act - Permissible and valid. (2017(2) Civil Court Cases 164 (Allahabad) 

Dishonour of cheque - Condonation of delay - Sufficient cause to be construed liberally. (2017(2) Criminal Court Cases 275 (Rajasthan) 

Divorce - Unilateral withdrawal of consent by husband in a petition for divorce by mutual consent, without any sufficient or just cause - Amounts to cruelty to wife. (2017(1) Civil Court Cases 377 (Delhi) 

Domestic violence - Husband levelled baseless and unproved allegations on the chastity of wife - It cannot be said that wife was living separately from her husband without any reasonable cause. (2017(1) Criminal Court Cases 349 (P&H) 

Impleadment of a party - Challenge to notice issued by Municipal Corporation for unauthorised construction - Applicants claimed to have ownership rights - In the suit the only necessary and proper party is Municipal Corporation. (2017(1) Civil Court Cases 709 (S.C.) 

Maintenance u/s 125 Cr.P.C. -  Partner of a live in relationship is entitled to maintenance. (2017(1) Civil Court Cases 747 (P&H)  

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