Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Mullaperiyar dam in great danger

The Mullaperiyar dam was built by Corps of Royal 1886 to divert water to Tamil Nadu area but now the dam is in a critical condition and dangerous too. It is very shame to note that the Indian gouvernment received nearly 10 billions of dollars from the world bank to clean the river Gange polluted by men but this Mullaperiyar dame whiich more important than this polluted river was completely neglected. As demanded by Tamil Nadu empty pĂ´lticians ruling and opposition to raise the water level just for the irrigation in Tamil Nadu is impossible. If the present level goes up the dam will be broken down because the old construction of this dame is in a detoriate situation. I hope that the central gouvernment should take an immediate action to repaire this dame and also construct small dams nearby to diver the water from the Mullaperiyar dam.This is not the affaire of Kerala and Tamil Nadu but this is an important issue of India. We don't have qualified engineers in India to lookafter this dam since the departure of English engineers. However we have some indian engineers who are still capable to find out on the moon but not in indian soil

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Arun Kumar said...

the concerns are understandable.. we should solve it in a right way. neither the left nor the cong nor AIADMk nor you nor me knows anything about the real state of the dam. let some expert examineit, do extensive tests and investigations and if they can strengthen the structure it will be great cost saving. let us leave it to experts and not scare people by unscintific, emotional approach to the issue...